Paper Usage optimisation in institutions

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The Problem

To lower the paper usage as much as possible, in public and private institutions, such as the government offices, in which the paper used in order to make any kind of request is ridiculously high, and even though there's a policy to lower it, it is not aggressive enough and paper is still being wasted. Another kind of institution this project could be applied to are commercial ones, such as supermarkets, convenient stores, restaurants, etc, taking into account most of it is shattered and just thrown away because it is useless for whoever the paper is given to (e.g. shopping receipts)

Our Plan

Government institutions: make the "cero paper" (cero papel) policy more aggressive and reduce almost to its elimination, the usage of paper in formal requests, moving most of administrative processes to an online/digital platform. Commercial institutions: ensure that the printed information of the receipts is only the necessary, removing the advertisement and blank spaces that convert the purchase of a single item into a 30 cm long receipt. On both cases, there will be an economical assessment of the benefits, which will not only be upon the institutions but on the users.

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