Palm Oil In Your Pantry

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The Problem

The single greatest threat facing orangutans today is habitat loss through deforestation. The key driver for deforestation is the palm oil industry.

Our Plan

Become more aware about palm oil and the items it is found in. Take stock of your own kitchen through a palm oil audit. This is an awareness exercise to help people understand just how far reaching palm oil is and the array of products where it can be found. Open your cabinets and pull out the packaged edibles. Start reading the ingredient labels! Sort items into piles: 1) What you see contains palm oil 2) What may contain palm oil, but you're not sure about 3) What does not contain palm oil. Take pictures as you go and upload them here! Use the provided list of alternate names for palm oil, found in the attachments below, to take it a step further! Repeat the process and see if any of the items move piles! Were you surprised by what you found? Were there any items where you didn't expect to see palm oil?

Themes Addressed

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    Food Choices
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    Palm Oil
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The Benefit

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