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The Dominion Garden Initiative

Students at Dominion High School are working to address the need for environmental sustainability, especially to increase pollinators, increase soil…
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Lend a Watering Hand

My wish for this project is for it to be able to conserve water in a way that is efficient…
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Animal Shelter Supply Drive

Animals in local shelters not having enough supplies
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Sequoia Middle School Garden

Our school previously had a garden area and gardening classes, but the teacher left years ago. The space was abandoned…
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Kids & Teens Volunteer Day

It's hard for young people to find places to volunteer. We want to offer a regular volunteer project for kids…
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Protecting the Rainforest

The Rainforest is Being Cut Down.
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Memorial Food Forest Friends

Our community has a Food Forest that was started in remembrance of a child who died in the area. The…
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Weather research

Most people are not paying attention to the clues of severe weather. Because of that many people are getting hurt…

Stop Climate Change

Climate change as a whole is causing our word problems, some evident and easy to fix; and some unimaginable, small…
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