Pacific Blvd’s Native Garden

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    Huntington Park, California
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The Problem

We would like our students to see plants and trees in their school yard. Our school has no shade for them when they are outdoors. The trees planted at the school can help clean some of the air from the nearby factories. We would our students to have various native plants that attract hummingbird and butterflies.

Our Plan

Our project will teach students about planting native plants in the schoolyard. They will also learn how native plants can help decrease our water use. In addition, they will learn how certain animals benefit from native plants. Students will also have the opportunity to have a close encounter with butterflies and hummingbirds. Students will have the chance to see various colors in the yards instead of the asphalt at the school site. We would like to plant native plants along the edge of the school playground in early Fall 2016. We will have fifth graders dig and plant native plants. Throughout the year, students will take turns watering the native plants. They will keep a science journal describing what "visitors"/insects have visited the plants.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement

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