Outdoor Classroom

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    Alexandria, Virginia
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The Problem

Our goal is to create an safe environment for teachers to create outdoor intentional learning opportunities for children. The space holds a myriad of opportunities for our young children, including; trees, a path, space for an organic garden, space for a small fish pool, wildlife and creatures. The courtyard is inside of school and therefore inaccessible to the public, enabling tools, materials, plants and animals to be maintained safely.

Our Plan

Children in our Title One School have little time outside and very few opportunities to interact with nature. We will collect a team of volunteers (teachers, administrators, students and families) to clean out the trash, weed and mow, purchase moveable parts to encourage creative play, purchase and post materials to enhance knowledge of nature, including; trees, plants, bugs, animals and birds. We will create rules and policy regarding upkeep, including; weeding, bird feeders, and rules respecting all living things. We will install trash and recycling containers, purchase a rain barrel to reuse water, we will secure a donors choose to purchase the materials to build a small fish pond and will include the person who does gardening in the city to help with the organic garden and its upkeep.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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