Our Monthly Community Service Projects, 2017-2018

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    Jamaica, New York
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The Problem

We have chosen to complete a Community Service Project each month instead of 1 large Campaign and 2 smaller projects. We are 1st grade and our impact may be smaller, but it is no less meaningful!

Our Plan

September 2017: World Peace Day - We committed Anti-bullying for our 1st grade year! October 2017: Planting Trees in and around our food chain, community - Helping Pollinators November 2017: Thanksgiving Food Donation (We helped 4 school Families - 2 with turkeys and sides and 3 with sides) December and January 2017 & 2018: Letters to Active US Sailors and Care Package, Letters and Stockings to our "Adopted" Platoon, Donation to Mission K 9 Rescue February/March- collections of items for shipping to Terracycle (Points for environmental and animal shelter/sanctuary donations) April/May - we donated 8 trees along NYC's watershed through the Kellogg Family Awards Program. We wanted to be sure that one of the biggest Palm Oil Destroyers actually had to compensate for something! June- we purchased 20 Painted Lady Butterflies to help our Hurting Pollinators. We took good care of them, then released them into a protected area.

Themes Addressed

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    Peace & Safety
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    Pets & Companion Animals

The Benefit

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