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The Problem

Our Roots and Shoots Team will be educating our school community on how our actions impact the planet, animals and people around us. We are environmental leaders at our school and we hope to share our passion for the environment with others so they can make better choices!

Our Plan

We will be mapping our school community to see what water sources are available, what plant and animal life exists as well as litter and human impact. Our school community is very large, we have almost 1,200 students at our school! We will break into groups and pick an area of our school to observe and map. Then we will share our area with our classmates. In each area we will map how recycling and composting is used and how it can be improved upon. We will map what trees, plants, or wild life exist. Learning about our school community will help us be better informed about where we need to improve and where we could possibly add plant life which would invite wildlife to thrive. We will work together to make a plan for what changes we would like to see in order for our school to be more "green" We will share this knowledge and changes with our greater school community so we can all work together. After sharing, we will take this knowledge to a beach in Los Angeles for a field trip. After going through a mapping activity at our school we will know what to look for and can be more informed observers. This trip will culminate our project as we learn about the beach animal population and ecosystem.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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