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The Problem

We wish to reuse leftovers from fruit we eat and utilize worms to create rich organic soil to use in our garden of sharing

Our Plan

We have cared for worms who create rich organic soil by decomposing waste like apple cores. We had to craft our bins in a special way for the worms to survive. Small holes were drilled into plastic bins and pieces of screen had to be fastened over the holes to prevent fruit flies. Next, we had to cover the worms, soil, and fruit with damp newspaper. The worms did most of the work. Some of the soils was mixed in with the compost we used for planting. We hope that by reducing waste and using the worms to create rich soil we will not only be helping the earth, but also giving the plants we are growing the best nutrients to grow strong. We continue to maintain and utilize the organic soil from our worm bins and so, this project is ongoing.

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