Orangutan Awareness Day 2014

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The Problem

To raise awareness about Orangutans and the struggles they face by educating Sacramento Zoo visitors at free activity and craft stations in the Zoo.

Our Plan

Zoo Teens will set up 4 activity/craft stations that educate visitors on different themes. The free activity stations are: Orangutan Hand-prints - visitors receive a printout of an adult male orangutan. Visitors will trace their hand and compare the similarities and differences that they see. Orangutan Necklace - visitors receive a small cut-out picture of an orangutan mother and it's baby. Visitors color the picture and learn about the important relationship between mother orangutans and their offspring, as well as the constant contact they need. After the visitor is done coloring, Zoo Teens use a hole punch to string yarn through their picture and wear it as a necklace. Re-planting Trees - visitors make a hand-print on a large rolled out piece of butcher paper to act as the top of a palm tree. Zoo Teens then have visitors glue the trunk of the palm tree under the visitors hand-print. Visitors learn all about the challenges Orangutans face with palm oil production. The last activity station is Orangutan Jokes, Puzzles, and Quizzes - visitors test their knowledge on orangutans and the information they learned at each activity station. Visitors also get to hear jokes and riddles about orangutans like, “What does an orangutan learn first in school? Ape-y-cees”.

Themes Addressed

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