Operation Lake Clean Up

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    Cedar Park, Texas
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The Problem

Our wish is to temporarily restore the grounds of the lake by Bullock Hollow by picking up any trash and waste that could potentially harm the wildlife and plants on this area. We hope that the public notices that the water and grounds are generally cleaner and there is less litter laying around. Hopefully we can set an example for others; we want to encourage people to stop polluting and to clean up any trash they may see around the lake.

Our Plan

Today, we are going to go to the lake with trash bags and slowly move across the area, picking up any litter we see on the way. We will spend hopefully about an hour, but we will make sure that we pick up as much trash as possible. Our hope is that there is a visible difference after we are finished, and that the area looks generally cleaner. We are hoping that we will inspire the community to stop littering and to clean up the beautiful nature around them. We also want to make this area more generally enjoyable for the public.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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