One with Nature Photo Contest

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    Concord, MA, Massachusetts
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The Problem

• To create a community poster of photos. • For students to appreciate nature around them and also their pets. • With a $1 per photo entry, we raised money for our 3 organizations helping animals, the environment and people, respectively: Buddy Dog Humane Society (, Grassroots Wildlife Conservation (, and Phinney's Friends (

Our Plan

This announcement generated out photo entries: Photo Contest Update - deadline for submission is June 9th: Attention CMS community! The Animals and Planets Club is launching a photo contest, One with Nature. There will be two winners from each building. Winners will receive a certificate and a prize. The prize will have something to do with nature and animals and is yet to be decided. All pictures have to do with nature. They can be of a beautiful place, a pet, animal, or you with any of the three. To enter a photo place it, and $1, in our One with Nature Boxes. The boxes are located in the office and pictures will be posted on a bulletin board. Digital copies of photos can be sent to MacKenzie at Or Charlotte Epstein at Donations will go to support Buddy Dog Humane Society, Grassroots Wildfe Conservation and Phinney's Friends. Thanks for your support.

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    Pets & Companion Animals
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