Oklahoma Native American Spiral Medicinal & Culinary Gardens

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    El Reno, Oklahoma
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    Any Age

The Problem

Native Oklahoma medicinal and culinary plants are not plentiful in our area. Our group would like to plant two (2) Native American spiral gardens - one with herbs and one with medicinal/flowering plants. The gardens will be constructed according to Native American traditions and practices, and planted with various plants which are native to our area in Oklahoma and would have been used by settlers during the time our state was changing from Indian Territory to the state of Oklahoma. Our student group will consult with a Native American horticulturist to develop the design and planting structure of the gardens. Care and maintenance of the gardens will follow traditional Native American practices. Signs will be created and posted regarding the tradition of the spiral garden as well as the plants in the garden. User-friendly information will be posted on a larger sign and printed for families, researchers, and our students to learn more about the need for retaining Native American traditions, how to cook and use the grown plants, taking care of the plants, and finding native plants in other locations.

Our Plan

Our group will see success in the following ways: (1) meeting with Native American (NA) horticulturists about the development and design of the spiral gardens and plants; (2) working with the Canadian County Master Gardeners (CCMG) who will consult on implementation of the gardens; (3) creation of the signage and brochures to tell about the project; (4) students will work alongside the NA and CCMG in the design, sowing, care and maintenance, harvesting, and overwintering of the gardens; (5) collecting visitor data through pictures and visitor logs at the sites; (6) posting project on social media; (7) getting media coverage with our local newspaper; and, (8) making necessary improvements and modifications throughout the project and during the growing season. Other data will be collected as the project evolves.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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