Ocean Challenge- Student Rebuild Project ’19

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    Forest Grove, Oregon
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The Problem

We participated in the Students Rebuild project for this year called the Ocean Challenge. We planned to learn about the crisis of human caused ocean pollution, then take action to make a difference.

Our Plan

We started by learning about how our vast populations of people have polluted the oceans. In the process we learned about how all life on earth is dependent on our oceans being healthy and in balance. The focus quickly went to the impact of plastics, looking at waste of plastic bags and straws. Through the Students Rebuild project, each "sea creature" we created was result in $2 being donated to protecting and cleaning our oceans. We made hundreds of mostly origami sea creatures, including whales, angel fish, sea anemones, clam shells, and jelly fish.

Themes Addressed

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    Clean Water
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The Benefit

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