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The Problem

Hopefully this project will teach people, especially youth, how important the bees are, and make everyone who gets involved aware of what they can do to help, just by doing at least one of the four main Way to Bee! Way to Bee 1) Bee safe -- don't poison the bees, and don't swat! Way to Bee 2) Feed a bee -- give them a safe source of food and water! Way to Bee 3) Let it bee -- let one part of your yard be wild and untouched so that the bees can live there! Way to Bee 4) Bee informed -- learn all you can about bees, go online, take a class, talk to people who know about bees, do what you can to know more, because the more you know, the more you can help! With our help, the bees can begin to make a comeback, one area at a time!

Our Plan

The mission of this project is to Educate, Legislate, Populate! That is, educate the public, especially youth, about the importance of bees, the hardships they are facing, and how we all can help through presentations, workshops, and fun learning activities at public events. By working with local and state legislators, legislate bee-friendly changes to laws or regulations and work to support laws that help the bees and those who work on their behalf. And populate the state, and maybe beyond, with healthy bee populations that will be attracted to wild bee houses built for them, native bees placed in suitable locations via cocoons, informed bee helpers who will find their Way to Bee and do it, and suitable forage that will be planted through the wildflower seed balls and bee waterer instructions.

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    Community Enhancement
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    Pets & Companion Animals
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The Benefit

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