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    Brooklyn, New York
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The Problem

Our primary goal this year is to build out a pollinator garden that will attract all sorts of species, especially monarchs. And we wish that our tree care-efforts continue over the long term. We would like to, at some point, tend to a very tough patch of ground on the block to loosen up compacted soil and put tree guards around these partially cared for trees. Finally, we want the entire school, students and teachers alike, to effectively and thoughtfully recycle.

Our Plan

The work New Voices and the Green Team do is ongoing. This school year puts our efforts into Phase V of work that only started two years ago. This work involved intensive school recycling, a school garden (with the goal to install a pollinator element this spring), and continued street tree care on the block where the school resides.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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