Nshara Parents School Conservation Club (NPSCC)

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The Problem

Nsahra Parents School borders Lake Mburo National Park which is the home to arrange of species including leopards, lion, and a variety of antelopes. The area’s human population is also growing at an alarming rate and putting enormous pressure on the park, as land becomes scarce and local families use the park for resources such as firewood and bushmeat. Subsistence farmers living around Lake Mburo also experience hardship because animals can raid and destroy their crops and livestock on a daily basis. If humans and wildife in this region are to coexist into the future, a commitment by local people to conservation is needed as are innovative solutions to help alleviate the intense scramble for dwindling resources.

Our Plan

The Nshara Parents School Conservation Club (NPSCC) encompasses a variety of initiatives aimed at instilling a commitment to environmental stewardship in Uganda’s next generation and encouraging more sustainable ways of living. We work with students and teachers within the school to improve knowledge about the environment, increase awareness of conservation issues, and encourage participation in fun, hands-on activities that ‘act locally’ to make a difference. We work with teachers and local experts to ensure our program focus is timely and relevant to current conservation concerns. We also continuously evaluate our efforts to assess their efficacy and inform future directions. Our conservation activities will include included: Field Trips into Lake Mburo National Park Talks and Presentations from Rangers and Local Wildlife Experts Reforestation Projects Health and Sanitation Projects Debates Films Creative Projects

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The Benefit

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