#NotJustFrogs – Part l

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The Problem

We are simply documenting all the common amphibians (especially frogs and toads) in the town of Manipal in India. Most of Manipal's habitat is frequently given waste-land status because it lies on a laterite plateau. Scientific studies reveal that there are more than 20 species of frogs to be found here. In March 2016 a new species of frogs was discovered here by a team of scientists. Globally we have lost more than 1/3rd of amphibian population. I believe today we are losing these incredible species because we do not pay a lot of attention to them and do not give them the attention that they deserve. Most of us find them creepy, loathsome and annoying, thanks to their ugly looks and calls. But they’re actually incredibly important! Why you may ask? Well, read all about this frequently asked question, over here - http://www.girlgonebirdzz.com/frogs/why-i-love-frogs-and-why-you-should-too/ With NotJustFrogs - Part 1 we are trying to draw attention to frogs found on this laterite plateau and sharing them extensively using various social media networks. Also attention will be paid to document road kills, infections or any other malformations found in them. With campaigns like this we can draw attention of not only just the locals but also the vast student population studying here and reach bigger audiences. This in turn will become a first step in suggesting and executing conservation strategies. The images shared on social media networks will help in drawing more focus on these incredible bio-indicator species.

Our Plan

The very first step of this campaign will be to document various frog species around you. This is very simple. Just click the picture of the frog that you spot and upload it to our online Facebook group called ‘Frogs of Manipal’. Go to your facebook profile and type ‘Frogs of Manipal’. Join the group and share. Add species name (if known), time and location. It will be an added benefit to count the number of frogs seen. Don't forget to use the hashtag #NotJustFrogs and share it with your friends. You could also use the hashtag and upload it on your twitter and instagram profiles. Next time share this fun activity with your friends and get them to love frogs, if not love just get them to join the group.

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