Nixon’s Life Tour

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    Yorba Linda, California
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The Problem

Due to the increasingly polarized nature of our world, there is a greater need for support of effective intercultural communication.

Our Plan

Our Roots & Shoots group seeks to support grassroots diplomacy and people-to-people exchange. Grassroots diplomacy and positive engagement were traits that President Richard Nixon epitomized in his foreign policy career. Events such as sports diplomacy through Ping Pong demonstrated the idea of creating relationships that respected differences and were underpinned by similarities. Thus, in celebration of the 50th year since Nixon’s trip to China in 1972 and to promote the practice of dialogue as a means of achieving peace between nations, groups, and peoples of different ideologies and cultures, Roots & Shoots Ping-Pong Diplomacy would like to organize a tour through key locations of Nixon’s life in Whittier, California for disadvantaged youth in the Greater Los Angeles area. The purpose of this event is to give young people the chance to witness history and Nixon’s legacy in Southern California through trips to the Whittier Museum and the Nixon Presidential Library Museum. We hope that an increased understanding of this controversial figure will leave them better informed and more civically engaged, reminded of the power they have to make a difference.

Themes Addressed

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    Global Citizenship

The Benefit

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