NELA Healing Classroom Challenge

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The Problem

We hope that we can support Studentsrebuild's campaign "Healing The Classroom Challenge" where for every pinwheel we make and donate, the Bezos Family Foundation will donate $2.50 to help Syrian refugee children receive and education.

Our Plan

We're getting as many elementary schools in North East LA to participate in the campaign as possible. Once we have consent from the school, we will recommend that the schools allow their students to draw on used paper and be creative, maybe say some kind words for the refugees, that kind of thing. Of course, if they request paper, paper will be delivered to them for free. We decided on elementary schools because we felt that it would be a really fun activity for the kids and a great way for teachers to educate their kids on some of the current global issues. The campaign ends on March, 21 so we'll be asking them to finish up the pinwheels the week before so we can go pick them up and mail them in by that date.

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The Benefit

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