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The Problem

Most of us in the U.S have lawns either in the front or back ( or both) of our homes. This may not seem unhealthy for the land covered by such crop, but non-natives such as widely used lawn grasses are, and have been depleting the surrounding soil that they grow upon (especially in drought ridden states such as California). Keeping lawns alive can use up to about 50-70% of a residences water! Not to mention pollute the air with gasoline powered lawnmowers. Grass is also the largest irrigated "crop" in America, even more then fruit orchards, wheat, and corn combined! I hope to transform a dead and depleted piece of land into a fertile haven of native flowers, that will help Bees have a healthy place to pollinate and thrive.

Our Plan

I plan to transform 1/3 of my depleted front lawn into a native flower haven for Bees and other beneficial insects to enjoy. Since the land that I'm using is so hard and dead I will also have to find a way to revive it. I hope that for those of you that are interested in participating in this project, that you will follow along with my updates about the process of creating and cultivating a fertile plot from a depleted one. I will try to share updates every week or so, so that you can see the progress and growth of our plot. It doesn't have to be a big piece of land, turning something that's dead into something that flourishes is so rewarding and helpful for nature. Let's get those hands dirty!!!

Themes Addressed

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    Biodiversity Loss
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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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Nectar and light
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