Natural Dye Garden Community Worshops

  • Location
    Bellingham, Washington
  • Status
  • Age Level
    5 to 7 Years
    8 to 10 Years
    11 to 13 Years
  • Project created by Sulai

The Problem

We want to connect the community with the earth, gardening and plants using art as a medium. A natural dye garden addresses the unsustainable nature of fast fashion examining chemical dyes and pesticide heavy fiber growing methods.

Our Plan

The workshops will make a direct connect with plants we grow and the beautiful colors they produce. The process of creating flower prints and tie-dyed up-cycled textiles introduces a true curiosity into the alchemy of nature.

Themes Addressed

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    Water Pollution & Conservation

The Benefit

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About Roots & Shoots

We are nurturing the compassionate leaders of tomorrow.

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