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    Washington, District Of Columbia
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The Problem

A native plant pollinator garden provides plants which are the natural food and habitat for insects, birds and other animals that are native to the area. With the reduction in native plants due to development, invasive species and the use of non-native plants in landscaping, pollinators (the insects and animals that plants need to spread the pollen that fertilizes plant seeds) are challenged to find the right plants they need to collect pollen or seeds and lay their eggs. There has been a significant decrease in the numbers of pollinators and it is believed that loss of food and habitat is responsible. By providing native plants the native pollinator species will have food and desirable habitat to be successful in their role in the food web. Birds not only depend on the plants for food but most birds depend on insects (especially caterpillars) to feed their young. Humans are part of that food web and we need the pollinators to be successful in order to eat! A pollinator garden puts back what is often missing in an urban landscape.

Our Plan

We will build and maintain a raised bed pollinator garden on National Park property behind School without Walls Francis Stevens. We will plant native species plants common to this area that are known to be supportive of pollinator species and thrive in a sunny location. We must obtain a permit to plant on park property and are obligated to keep maintain the garden for at least 5 years. At that time we can apply again for another permit. This project begins with the building of the garden but is ongoing. We will remove invasives and trash and use the garden as a lesson to the local public of the importance of native plants and native animals including insects.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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    Food Choices
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The Benefit

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