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The Problem

We want to support native ethnic groups by creating a standard for artisan products, handicrafts or agro-forestry crops or goods. This standard "native-made" has to be certified. The idea is to protect the products sold by groups native to an area. We hope that through this, a commerce of fair trade can flourish and help these people and their culture to not only maintain their traditions, but also by creating, producing, harvesting what they love and are proud of they can help to finance the protection of their surroundings. There are no better sustainable protectors of nature than indigenous people.

Our Plan

Create a certified standard for native made products all around the world. A website with the same name native-spirit will offer handicraft, artisan made, etnic made produce and products from all around the world. Be it is mask from Papua New Guinea, A knife from the Sami, or a belt from Guatemala. A wayuu bag from Guajira, a Lakota Drum. With the neccessary awarness and an auction type plattform, I have no doubt that single products can reach symbolical high prices if the message is that the true protectors on the foremost front are and always have been our indigenous brothers. By supporting this native made standard and these native groups, conservation and safeguarding their environment can become a reality. Lady Jane Goodalls roots and shots organisation would help coordinate this locally in each community and the plattform with its auctions and income....

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    Indigenous Rights
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