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    Dorado, Puerto Rico
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The Problem

We are going to hold a contest in which kids will write letters or make short videos with their parents about why they love their pets so much. Participants will share videos by email or on social media using the hashtag #myspecialpet. A panel of judges will then choose two winners for each category. The categories are the following: craziest pet, cutest pet, and funniest pet. The winners will be awarded with goodies for their pets. The main point of this project is to promote love and appreciation for animals. We hope kids enjoy this fun activity!

Our Plan

We will hold this contest at my school and at another school, in collaboration with Paws Clubs, during January 16- February 8. During those days, a group of volunteers and I will go around classrooms inviting kids to participate. Afterwards, we will present the videos to the judges and have them pick the winners. If anybody is interested in participating, don't hesitate to send me an email at pawsitiveaction2k@gmail.com !

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    Pets & Companion Animals

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