My Sister Buggy

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    Sandpoint, Idaho
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The Problem

"My Sister Buggy" is an environmentally themed short film about two young, adventurous, fun-loving sisters who love nature and playing outdoors. Lulu, the older 10 year-old sister is concerned about the future of the planet. She questions mankind's ongoing impact and treatment of the environment, nature and all living things. She shares her concerns to her 5 year-old sister, Buggy, but doesn't think Buggy "gets it". Buggy appears unconcerned. Her counter to her older sister: "Don't worry Sister, grownups will do the right thing! Of course, they'll take care of the planet... We're kids! What are we supposed to do? Adult will do the right thing." This short film puts the onus on adults to take responsibility and take appropriate actions to be better guardians and caretakers of the planet; for all the children who will inherit the world.

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    Community Enhancement
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