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The Problem

Music making is part of what makes humans human. Scientists have recently discovered that music affects many parts of our brain very deeply. People are filled with all sorts of memories and feelings when they hear familiar music. It is uplifting and brings a smile to ones face. Our goal for this project is to share our love of music by volunteering regularly at a local retirement home. In doing so, we can connect with the residents through a common interest.

Our Plan

My son volunteers once a week to play the piano. He has developed a loyal following of residents whom he considers his fans. He looks forward to going each week and dresses up nicely for each performance. He is encouraging his sister (who plays violin) to join him, but thus far she is too apprehensive believing she isn't good enough. This opportunity has thereby provided more than we expected as it is building his self confidence and his role as a mentor to other young musicians.

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