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The Problem

I am working on a mushroom project. My first planting of The Garden Giant (King Stropharia) mushrooms should be fruiting in another month. The problem I want to address is to introduce mushrooms to as many people as I can. People think mushrooms have no nutritional value, are tasteless and have no use other than as a filler in food. Nothing could be further from the truth as mushrooms can actually solve some of the world’s toughest problems.

Our Plan

I am documenting how to grow mushrooms as it is a simple process once the methodology is known. Then, I plan to contact garden teachers at pre-schools and elementary schools and teach them how to do this. Of course, being able to see giant mushrooms and experience their amazing taste will help to motivate young people. I will also let them know the amazing discoveries that have been made about mushrooms. A few incredible benefits of mushrooms: saves bees from succumbing to mites, filters toxins out of soil, acts as a natural pesticide, regenerates dead zones created by oil spills, supplies nutrients to all plants and trees and boosts human immune systems. I will get the word out about mushrooms as being a miraculous gift of the Earth.

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    Industrial Agriculture
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The Benefit

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