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    Evanston, Illinois
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The Problem

The Dewey Roots and Shoots Peaceweavers have been buying our school's biodegradable lunch trays for Dewey Elementary since around Mid-October 2015. And before you ask, of course Roots and Shoots has paid for all of it. Buying Dewey’s biodegradable lunch trays is eliminating the terrible oil based version of our ‘innocent’ lunch trays. Styrofoam is not recyclable and only hurts our earth. Styrofoam contributes to the growing threat of global-warming, the enemy that might wipe our beautiful world into extinction. Fossil-fuels, the fuel used to create this styrofoam, is awful too. It cannot be recreated in a short amount of time, making it a non-reliable fuel. The trays are recyclable and better for our environment. By getting these trays, our school—no, our city—no, our state—no, our country—no, our world—no, maybe even our UNIVERSE, will become a completely better place!!!!!!! Okay, maybe we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves, but buying these trays, and continuing to buy them will not only reduce the use of styrofoam, but will inspire others to make a difference in their community.

Our Plan

The Dewey Peaceweavers took charge of purchasing the trays for our school of over 500 students! We raised funds by making reusable t-shirt bags.

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