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    Fairfax, Virginia
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The Problem

Americans and foreigners look to the Federal community to lead by example towards fulfilling our national goals of supporting a strong economy, ensuring energy security, protecting our environment and natural resources, and promoting technology transfer. However, Fairfax county, a county right outside the national capital truly lacks in advancement in the area of environmental management system implementation and it truly needs to maximize efforts in promoting sustainable environmental stewardship. It is time for the community to step up to develop a strategic approach to environmental management. New areas of cooperative conservation and environmental management systems need to be implemented and new philosophies and frameworks within the county need to be formed.

Our Plan

Psychology tells you for change to be implemented a desire to change needs to be seen. Therefore, I believe that an intrinsic desire to be an environmental steward needs to take shape in the residents of the community that will then be expounded into the workplace, the schools, and beyond. Education will be key. 1. I would like to give a presentation to libraries, schools, and lunch office rooms about the importance of composting. I would like to infiltrate the community with the knowledge that one simple step can save thousands of waste in the landfills. 2. Teach composting a. what can be composted b. how do I compost c. ways to compost in small spaces d. benefits of composting 3. Go to the county and show them the cost of setting up city composting and the amount saved over time. 4. Find companies willing to pick-up residential and business food waste.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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