Month of July and August – Sustainable Palm Oil and Bird Friendly Products

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The Problem

Did you know that everyday household items include products that harm animals and their environment? A - Palm oil, derived from the fruit of palm trees, is being planted in large plantations. While there isn't anything bad about the substance, it's the fact the football fields worth of forests are being sliced in a matter of days. Sumatran orangutans, tigers, elephants, and other endemic species are at the receiving end of this problem. B - Coffee is practically a common feature or definition of our culture. It's impossible to live a life in this world without knowing what coffee is. It's very important to ensure that the process of making coffee and what goes into producing it does not harm our environment. One factor unsustainable sources of coffee manufactures do not consider is birds. According to National Geographic, "Tropical agriculture is a major driver of species loss. Researchers found that coffee farms offering some tree shade (not to be confused with coffee that is “shade grown” under a full canopy of mature trees) are still experiencing species decline and are no substitute for large swaths of protected forest. Across coffee farms and all sizes and types of forest, researchers found 61 percent more bird species’ populations declined as grew or remained steady."

Our Plan

A - Download Cheyene Mountain Zoo's app titled Palm Oil. By using this app, you can scan items in your grocery store for foods that use Unsustainable (harmful to animals and their environment) or Sustainable (palm oil that doesn't harm animals or their environment). We will make petitions and write letters to large corporations that use unsustainable palm oil and try to convince them to switch to the RSPO foundation. B - By doing research, you can find brands of coffee that are bird-friendly or not. This simple switch can benefit these animals so much!

Themes Addressed

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    Animal Welfare
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    Biodiversity Loss
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    Palm Oil
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The Benefit

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