Monitor the Magnificent Mushroom – Fun with Fungi

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    Rochester, New York
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    Any Age

The Problem

Mushrooms are misunderstood. We want to encourage families to learn more about the fungi kingdom, how to identify them in the wild and learn more about the ways they interact in the natural world. We as a global community are facing climate change, habitat loss, food insecurity and poverty. Mushrooms and fungi can have a positive impact on each of these issues. We will share research and current knowledge of fungi to face these issues with a optimistic and educated view, and know that each of us can make a difference, encouraging others to explore the world of fungi. Growing our own mushrooms with spawn enables us to be sure we have an edible variety, and allows us to grow a species pleasing to our palate and nutritional needs.

Our Plan

Our project will educate our local community, including, children and adults on the importance and wonders of Mushrooms and Fungi. Our project will teach our community how to identify some mushrooms in nature. We will also instruct how to grow mushrooms in our gardens and cook with mushrooms. The project to be informative and skill building, and a fun way for families to engage with nature and encourage time together outdoors.

Themes Addressed

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    Biodiversity Loss
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    Food Choices
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    Reasons for Hope
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The Benefit

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