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    Long Beach, California
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The Problem

I would like to empower my students to making a difference in the lives of monarchs.

Our Plan

My students and I have watch a TED talk on the blight that monarchs are facing in the near future. We are sincerely concern that if we don't take action now, that there will not be a future for these insects. How sad the world would be if we as a community can not and would do a little to take part in the whole scheme of saving the future of monarchs. To do our part to save monarchs, we have decided to plant milkweeds for students attending Cabrillo High. The goal is for each student to plant three dixie cup full of milkweed seeds. Once the seed germinates, students will donate one back to our school garden and take two home. Of the two that is taken home, students are to give one away to a neighbor, friend, staff and/or teacher. With regards to the school garden, students will help to build and maintain the milkweed garden at school so that the whole student body can enjoy nature. The school garden also serve another purpose because it allows for me to be able to safeguard and collect milkweed seeds for subsequent years for I intend to have carry on this project for years to come.

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