Monarchs on a Mission

  • Location
    Niceville, Florida
  • Status
  • Age Level
    8 to 10 Years

The Problem

Monarch butterflies are decreasing at an alarming rate and we would like to create a safe space for them on their migratory journey to encourage safe passage as well as introduce more butterflies into the migration to grow the species.

Our Plan

Our class will build a monarch butterfly garden to attract monarch butterflies along their migration path as they travel through our part of country. We will plant and grow milkweed from seed to ensure it is chemical-free and to observe the growing process. We will also hatch and grow our own monarch butterflies in hopes of introducing more monarch butterflies into the species since their numbers are declining rapidly. Students will observe and study the life cycle of the monarch butterfly along with the life cycle of the milkweed plant. We will map and track the migration and chart the number of butterflies along with the growth and health of our plants. Students will be partnered up with a lower grade level in order to share their results and share in the learning process to spread awareness of this important species and appreciation for nature and its interconnectedness, especially in relation to our community. This will help students to become ambassadors in our school community on the respect and protection of nature and the environment that surrounds our school campus including plants and animals. Our global goal to connect and collaborate with other classrooms in the country as well. We will observe and track growing process for milkweed health. We will observe and track the amount of butterflies we attract during the migration. We will also observe and track the stages of development with the monarch hatchlings and will release them as we see they are mature enough.

Themes Addressed

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    Animal Welfare
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    Endangered Species
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    Migratory species

The Benefit

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