Monarch Waystation-Bobcats & Butterflies

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    Scottsdale, Arizona
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The Problem

An 11th grade student and myself (Science and AP Environmental Science teacher) have set up a small Monarch Butterfly Waystation on our school grounds. The student purchased five nectar plants herself and two "Green Team" students helped plant the nectar plants. I have purchased the Monarch Waystation registration and certification with the Monarch Watch Program. We have been taking turns carrying water to the nectar plants. There are many desert milkweeds on site, which is the only host plant for the monarch caterpillar. Monarch numbers are decreasing and are in danger of becoming extinct from deforestation and insecticide use on crops. My wish is to set up a small irrigation system through the existing school's watering system so that the nectar plants (the main food source of the Monarch) will not need to be hand-watered over the hot summer months. The exciting news is that we observed one Monarch caterpillar last week!

Our Plan

New black tubing and drip nozzles will be purchased and connected to the school's existing ground water drip system by student volunteers. Water irrigation will be tied into the school's timed water system with the black tubing and drip nozzles by the school's facility department or volunteers as soon as possible. Next school year, our Roots & Shoots group will help maintain the Monarch Waystation and in the future hopefully be able to tag the Monarch's on their migration.

Themes Addressed

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    Clean Water
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    Community Enhancement
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