Minimize Our Plastic Footprint

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    Tucson, Arizona
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The Problem

1. Help raise the students, parents, and faculties' awareness of the plastic pollution problem such as the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch", and its negative impact on the environment, animals, and humans. Inspire them to "care" and be mindful of their choices. 2. Reduce significantly people's use of the single-use plastic products.

Our Plan

Our project would reduce people in our school's use of plastic products such as plastic water bottle, zip lock bags, plastic silverware, plastic cups and so on. We will achieve these through doing video presentations about plastic pollution, giving incentives for students to not use or buy single-use plastic products and for restaurants/stores/etc. to not provide so many single-use plastic products (e.g. Starbucks).

Themes Addressed

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    Clean Water
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The Benefit

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