Mindful- an EcoArt Watercolor Series

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    Frenchburg, Kentucky
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The Problem

We are raising awareness as to how many animals are continuously being added to the endangered species list and why. We would like our future generations to be the voice and to fight for the rights of all animals, to do what they can to help them, to clean and to help maintain our environment for the animals and their natural habitat. It does not matter ones social status, education, location and/or age- ALL can make a difference - even if in the smallest measurement. naturevine.wix.com/ecoartist

Our Plan

'Mindful' is a series of watercolor illustrations -painting only the face and hair of females, however within the hair, in their mind, I am painting an endangered species scene. We are to be 'mindful' of our environment and the animal's habitat or 'mind-full' of being aware and raising awareness of how quickly species are becoming endangered because of the human impact. What can we do? We can be mindful of recycling, we can be mindful of how we treat our environment to help save and maintain animal's habitats. We will be having an opening reception at the Menifee County Library May 6th serving only foods (plant) pollinated by bees as well and juices, we will have a scavenger hunt learning facts about endangered species with a grand prize , the librarian will be displaying books for all ages that are environmentally friendly in reference to animals, plants and recycling along with the display of watercolor paintings and the essay for each painting written by students.

Themes Addressed

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The Benefit

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We are nurturing the compassionate leaders of tomorrow.

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