Million Dollar Redistribution

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    Mankato, Minnesota
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The Problem

We connect inmates with unclaimed property. We want to help people to help themselves. We want inmates to be connected to their community, which is proven to lower recidivism rates. We want them to know there are people on the outside who care.

Our Plan

We are two women from Mankato, MN on a mission to help connect jail inmates with unclaimed property. We work by searching inmate names on the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA) website. Then we research the matches and see if they line up with our code of ethics. If we find a match who’s (alleged) crime(s) don’t outwardly object our code of ethics, then we send them a letter. In the letter we first tell them who we are and what we do. Then we tell them that their name matched a name on the NAUPA website and include the last known address of that person. We tell them how to designate a POA to claim the funds while they’re incarcerated, if this is them. We also give them information about NAUPA and tell them what they can do to help further our cause. We call ourselves Million Dollar Redistribution because it is our dream to indirectly redistribute a million dollars from unclaimed properties to Minnesota jail inmates through the information we provide. We help inmates to help themselves. In addition to helping the individuals through a difficult time, we also possibly lower recidivism rates by letting inmates know that there’s people on the outside who care about them.

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