MeadowCreek High School Community Garden

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    Norcross, Georgia
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The Problem

We are building a community garden and lasting green space that will not teach our students where their food comes from, but how to grow and utilize their food in a healthy and sustainable manner. Our program of food empowerment will be open not just to students, but also families in our low income area.

Our Plan

Our project will continue to clean up the area we have secured for the garden. Then, we will plant and maintain crops. We will design informative placards to describe the plants and their uses. We will open our area to the public with free raised bed rental to low income families. Also, the food produced will be used by our school's culinary program. We have already secured land, built raised beds, and began planting. However, we are trying to raise funds to purchase tools, plants, and help with a fence and gate to help maintain and protect our garden.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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    Food Choices

The Benefit

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