Making Your Own Bee Hotel Out of Household Objects

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    San Marino, California
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The Problem

There is not enough places for Solitary Bees to rest and lay their eggs.

Our Plan

Bee Hotels are a great way to attract pollinators to your garden or yard. Bee hotels are places for solitary bees to make their nests. The most common solitary bee they help are Mason Bees. Mason bees do not build wax comb or produce honey. They do not stay together like in a hive, instead they lay their own eggs in small tube-like holes and seal them with mud. Mason Bees pollinate 20 times more than the Honey Bee and unlike most bees they rarely sting. Their stingers can't penetrate skin. Bee Hotels are easy to put up and maintain. Once you put up a Bee hotel you can leave it there for 3 years without any cleaning. They are reusable and can be made out of everyday objects.

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The Benefit

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