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    Chatsworth, Georgia
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The Problem

My wish is for students to become aware of the environment around them. I want them to see the potential in their selves and things they would normally think of as trash. As 21st century learners, students should be able to communicate, collaborate, create, and think critically to be successful in our ever changing world. With this project, I want them to be able to problem solve real world issues using recyclables. I want them to create, think out of the box, and learn to use recyclables for every day problems.

Our Plan

I will create a maker space in our Library. A space where students can use their imaginations to create, re-use, or problem solve. Students will have access to craft supplies such as scissors, glue, tape, reusable, and other objects to help them create new and exciting things or to problem solve real world problems.

Themes Addressed

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The Benefit

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