Make Your Mark

  • Location
    Kissimmee, Florida
  • Status
  • Age Level
    Any Age
  • Group Type
    School-Based Program

The Problem

An overwhelming amount of students suffer from limited information about global issues.

Our Plan

The Make Your Mark initiative plans to bridge learning gaps and promote justice within our communities. The Roots and Shoots Gateway High School chapter strives to work with local elementary schools to pave a path of awareness in Osceola County youth. As a majority-minority community, consisting of first-generation low-income students, it is vital that our peers are aware of environmental, animal, and social issues in relation to the mission of the Jane Goodall Institute and Roots and Shoots USA. The Make your Mark Initiative is interested in working with Thacker Avenue Elementary School for International Studies (TAESIS) to promote awareness and education through creativity in a County/School Wide Art Gallery. This Art Gallery would set a foundation for students to advocate for awareness while increasing creativity through art, dance, and music. As students participate in the Art Gallery, the goal of the event is to raise money and awareness towards environmental, social, and animal issues. The Roots and Shoots Gateway High School team will curate a list of potential organizations, local and national, that would be able to receive any donations made from the event. As an incentive for the students, the art piece that is able to earn the most money, will be able to choose the organization to which all the money is donated. This will allow students to spark their inner creativity, while also promoting cooperation and friendly competition.

Themes Addressed

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    Animal Welfare
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    Environmental Justice
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    Social-Emotional Learning
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    Social Justice

The Benefit

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