Maasai Girls’ Education Sponsorship

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The Problem

To raise funds to contribute to the scholarships for two Maasai girls through the Amboseli Trust for Elephants. Also to raise awareness in our community to the plight of the African Elephant.

Our Plan

We learned about the plight of the African Elephant in class as part of our regular learning experiences. This led us to wanting to do something to protect the elephants. We researched which groups in Africa were helping the elephants and found Amboseli Trust for Elephants (ATE). Because we had seen a series on elephants at Amboseli, we decided to explore ATE further. We found out that to save the Amboseli elephants from poaching and human/elephant conflict, it was vital to have the support of the local Maasai people. This, in turn, led us to researching the Massai culture. We contacted ATE and found out that one of the ways they work with the local people is by providing Eductional Scholarships for the youth so they can become leaders of the future. We decided that we wanted to support the education of girls because without an education, a Maasai girl's life can be very difficult. Also if there are funds available, the Maasai tend to educate their boys before their girls. It is our belief that girls should be afforded the same educational opportunities as boys. We will raise funds by having a band day, making popcorn and having money boxes in the classrooms. We will make a powerpoint presentation to be shown to the entire school about the plight of the African Elephants and the reason we are raising funds.

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The Benefit

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