LPS Hayward Tree Planting Program

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The Problem

The goal of my project is to beautify our school with the use of trees as well as to promote tree planting to better the environment and to make a greener campus.

Our Plan

The idea consists of students and parents in our school getting together to plant. We first need to buy the trees then assign trees for each advisory or homeroom to plant. The goal is not only to plant trees but to inform and inspire other schools and kids to plant in their schools and houses. By are school doing a planting project surrounding schools can follow and add to the common goal of bettering the environment. Our school also belongs to a network and I believe that if we begin this project in LPS Hayward, LPS San Jose, Oakland and Richmond will follow. Students will also be informed of the benefits of tree planting and how it has a positive effect in preventing global warming. This project will not only beautify our school but create awareness and give students greener ideas to continue applying in their lives.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement

The Benefit

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