Los Angeles Environmental Education Fair – Environmental Passport Activity – Arcadia High School APES

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The Problem

This is a Service Learning project for our campus environmental clubs and AP Environmental Science students. We could use funding for supplies.

Our Plan

Our students will create and present engaging lessons for younger kids that teach them about environmental topics. We will have 10-15 booths run by student groups of 6-10 students each. Each booth will promote or educate a different topic that will educate kids about environmental topics. Example of past topics are listed below. Our students (grades 9-12) research each of these topics, develop a short lesson, create informational sheets and posters, create a script and talking points, gather materials, and practice. A small committee of our Green Team club advertises to the Arcadia community and all the schools by making flyers, posting announcements in bulletins, reaching out to all of our districts schools, and posting to social media including facebook, twitter, and instagram. This committee designs and prints the passport to be used by all of the volunteer groups and organizes the other campus clubs (Sierra, Campus Environmentalists, Red Cross, Affinity for Animals, and Kare4Kids) in 3 preparation and planning meetings before the LAEEF event. Examples of booth topics: IPM Ladybugs, Preying Mantis, mosquito fish oh my Aquatic Animals and ecosystems (fish, snails, elodea, newts, tadpoles) Native and Endangered animals - Desert Tortoise, Big Horn Sheep, Rosy Boa, Birds? Natural Disasters (Climate Change increasing flood/hurricanes/etc) Diseases and Environmental Justice (Disease prevention in developing world) Wind Eneregy (Make pinwheels) Decomposition (Worm Composting) - Kare4Kids Club Seed Bombs (Native plants that attract pollinators) Watter Bottle Hydroponics (No room - No problem! Grow veggies indoors) Current and Alternative Energies (Power for the future!) -Campus Environmentalists Not Everything that looks like trash goes in the trash! (Sorting your trash) Campus Environmental Tragedy of the commons - Goldfish Activity

Themes Addressed

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The Benefit

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