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My name is Martand Bhagavatula, and I am 13 years old. I founded a non-profit organization when I was 8 years old called Kids and Smiles. We organize free youth-run community events to collect items for pediatric patients. In that way, we not only collect toys, but increase youth leadership in the community. We have delivered over 800 toys, books, and DVDs to pediatric hospitals in Los Angeles and Orange County, such as CHOC and Cedars-Sinai. If we receive a Roots and Shoots grant, we can pay for private admission to the Wildlife Foundation, and attendees will bring a new toy for pediatric patients. Kids and Smiles will later deliver these toys to pediatric units. Below are links to recent media about Kids and Smiles. http://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/boy-11-starts-foundation-make-sick-kids-smile/story?id=32722443 http://parentingoc.com/2015/06/lh-martand-bhagavatula/ http://localemagazine.com/festival-of-children-foundation-grand-opening-party/

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