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The Problem

To make a difference in a rapidly changing world and to do anything today takes lots of courage. It really hurts when I find animals treated very badly and I want educate the local people on the feelings of animals. The advantages of animals in todays rapidly growing world. The deserved love and affection for any animals that people do not give them. To prevent pet abandon and to avoid wild animals to be taken in as pets since there are plenty of people who do that these days. Hopefully I can make my local project into a national one...and make a difference in the lives of many different kinds of animals.

Our Plan

Educate the local people first before moving onto a national level. Have student exchanges with different schools around the city. Have street talks and promote similar groups in schools to go out and teach people around the school about the effects of hurting animals and make them guilty of what is happening in todays world by showing them pictures of animals treated badly so they cant take action. The pictures will have an effect and probably will be able to make a difference!!!

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