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The Problem

To educate our teachers and students who can then share with friends and family how living with less will assist the healing of our beautiful planet. To then nurture this way and cultivate it like a living plant so that its message will grow and take root in the heart and minds of as many as will be brave and enlightened to receive it.

Our Plan

First, we as a class will research living with less and brainstorm what this means. Making sure that there is student lead conversations so they are able to take ownership of this idea and carry its message to the surrounding community. Next we will break into groups and come up with initial ways to implement living with less and what steps we can take, encouraging students to think of the biggest impact decisions they can commit to and follow through as a conscience life agreement with the planet. Then we will set a goal, for example, we will reuse any item in our possession currently before discarding it to have another item ( toy, clothing,) to better appreciate and not be wasteful. Another idea maybe to fuel our bodies with as many local foods from local farmers that we can and to appreciate and not waste the foods we consume. We will celebrate each defined goal by our students and teachers on this site and celebrate our achievements, sharing them with our families,friends, and community. We will share our progress with you as we begin with each goal! Our students will begin discussions in two weeks when the summer program begins. We are very excited and can't wait to start!

Themes Addressed

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    Food Choices
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The Benefit

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