Little People, BIG Changes

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    Denver, Colorado
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The Problem

Students in Denver’s Far Northeast communities often receive support from outside groups that do not involve the students in any of the decision-making process, thus limiting the sense of ownership in their growth and development as leaders. Little People, Big Changes seeks to change this trend by allowing students to have a voice in identifying and planning to address needs that are important to them - locally and on a global scale. Students who are involved in the organization will gain a sense of possibility in their ability to make a genuine contribution to their community. The leadership skills that will be developed through the program will translate into greater academic skills, as well as learning valuable critical thinking and problem-solving strategies for life. Additionally, students will experience growth in their self-confidence and enhance their ability to advocate for themselves and their peers in and out of the classroom. Little People, Big Changes will create the next generation of leaders in our community!

Our Plan

Little People, BIG changes empowers youth to make socially-conscious impacts both locally and globally. It places children in the driver’s seat of program development, research, decision-making and implementation. Students embark on the journey of being thoughtful, community-minded, socially conscious citizens who work to make this world a better place.

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The Benefit

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