Lindy Hop & the Great Migration

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The Problem

I would like my students to explore the roots of lindy-hop dance through the migration experiences of southern African Americans and the West Indies.

Our Plan

1. Lindy Hop Program Objectives (Teaching Lindy Hop (Swing Dance), Harlem Renaissance and The Great Migration) * To introduce the southern roots of the Swing Dance style. * To teach teamwork through partnered dancing. * To use Swing Dance as a cardiovascular exercise. * To allow students to experience the joy of dance. * To introduce the history and culture of swing dancing. * To encourage students who have an interest in dance to continue to pursue opportunities which will enhance their personal development and appreciation of the art form. * To have fun and explore creativity through movement Sample Research Project Have the students research the history of swing dance. Other names for swing dance that students might find are: • Jitterbug • Lindy • Lindy Hop • Jive • Rock and Roll Have them try to find answers to the following questions: • When was swing “invented”? • Where was swing “born”? What was the Harlem Renaissance? What was the Great Migration? • What types of music were popular for early swing dancers? • When did swing turn into “jitterbug”? • What was happening in the world during the early days of swing dancing? • Who are some famous swing dancers? • Does swing appear in any movies or tv shows? * Who was Frankie Manning? * Where was the Savoy and Renaissance Ballroom? What took place there?

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