LGBTQ Safe Word Workshop + Suicide Prevention Policy Amendment at San Pasqual High School

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    Escondido, California
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The Problem

Many teachers and educators sometimes use words that could be triggering or offensive to people of color, different genders, sexualities, or who have mental disorders. This workshop and the lessons entailed are meant to show educators how to speak with a group of young people without saying things that may be harmful to them. We also hope to amend the school's suicide prevention policy in order to properly include issues that affect youth more frequently now (anxiety, depression, sexual identity).

Our Plan

We will start by going to the school district and showing them the model policy we want to add to the current one. This will include compromising with them over certain parts of the policy. We want to explain the importance of these amendments to them (i.e. high youth suicide rates). We hope to encourage teachers and counselors to participate in the workshop included in order to properly handle triggering situations or when a student comes to them with issues they may be dealing with.

Themes Addressed

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    Peace & Safety

The Benefit

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